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My name is Denise O'Reilly and I started The BURNT Shop.
 Between working as a professional cheesemonger and taking care of my grandkids, I burn sh*t ... on purpose... and etch stuff on glass.
I started making spoon gifts sets for family and friends and quickly realized I could be very happy doing this all day...every day.
 Wood and glass make the perfect canvas because they're both all natural, durable, reliable and look amazing with any decor.  The simple combination of wood and heat turning into something beautiful intrigues me everyday. Using an engraving tool on glass...again just energy and friction... to totally transform a simple bottle amazes me.
Burning and etching lets me get creative while still cooking up a storm, spending time with my family and maybe catching a movie on Netflix. I've been known to accept dinner invitations based on whether I'm allowed to bring my burner and work while we sip wine and sample some local cheeses I scored that week! It excites me to use centuries old techniques to enhance things we use in today's décor.

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